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We are the place to find a bargain in antiques, collectibles, or other treasures.

We have All Types of Treasure for you!!

Find your treasure at our online auction or our online store, or drive, walk, or bicycle to us (click for map) and pick up your treasure now.

We have our Virtual storefront. From this store you will be able to buy All Types of Treasures. This store will have many items ranging from antiques and collectibles to Air Jordan shoes, with more being added each week. You will be able to pay by mail or over the internet (via Paypal). It's as easy as that to buy that treasure you want.

Things Unlimited Bazaar, in addition to our website, an actual brick and mortar store provides services for our local Virginia Beach customers. These services includes antiques and collectibles appraisals, and furniture touch ups, refinishing, repairs. For more information go here.

We have a community forum where you will be able to find information on buying or selling that treasure of yours. You will also find information on how to identify that antique treasure of yours. And finally, you will be able to find additional resources to help you find the unique treasure you have been wanting to obtain. For a preview, and to join early (it costs nothing to join - but you will need to join to ask questions and reply to answers) go here.

We also have a community blogs where you can become an author contributor of blog articles about antiques and collectibles. This blog is intended to provide many of the same type of articles you might read in your favorite colectors, or antiques magazines. For a look at what is there or to join as a contributor or just make comments about what is there you will have to sign up go here.

If you want to sell that Treasure of yours at auction... just join (it's FREE to join) us and list your treasure for sale here. See 'Seller's Fees' for pricing of listings. To list your treasure for sale (up to 31 days at no extra cost) can be as low as ZERO cost!!! And, in case it does not sell right away, you can have it automatically re-listed up to 2 additional times. The only costs are for special listing features.

We also have a community classified advertising system where you can sell or find that treasure through classified advertising. It costs nothing so just click here.

It is now possible to see our physical storefront by way of our Webcam.

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